Students are encouraged to come to the studio in their dance uniforms and be ready to begin classes promptly.

Personal belongings should be placed in visible reach while in class. INFUSED may not be held responsible for lost and/or stolen property. No food or drinks (other than water) may be permitted in the studio. Parents and siblings may wait in the waiting area during class and must keep noise level down as not to disturb students or instructor.

Classes must begin on time. We ask that you do not interrupt any class once it has begun. Should there be a need to speak with a teacher, it cannot be done during class times. The staff will be happy to assist in arranging for a telephone or individual conference to answer any questions. Instructors may be substituted in case of illnesses, emergencies, and/or personal commitments. In the event a class is canceled, a make up class will be scheduled.

Girls: black tights/yoga pants with t-shirt

Boys: athletic pants/shorts with t-shirt

All Students: No jewelry may be worn. Hair must be tied back and away from face and neck. This should be done prior to class.



Students must notify the studio via email if he/she will not be attending class due to personal reasons or illness. Any student who misses ten or more classes during the year may be excluded from the recital.

Tardiness: Any student who is more than ten minutes late to class may (at the discretion of the instructor) only be allowed to observe that particular class.

Make Up Classes: Students that miss classes due to illness, religious events, or emergencies can look at that week’s practice video to see what was taught. Instructors will also try to catch students up, if time allots. There are no refunds for classes that are missed.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, check your email or contact INFUSED office directly for information. Do not assume class is cancelled if your township school is closed. We cannot call each student’s home, so please call or check your email.

Holidays: The studio will be open except for Major Holidays. Check with the office for exact dates.



INFUSED has a warehouse full of beautiful costumes and orders new costumes each year to add to our collection. Instructors will decide costumes for each dance, and will inform parents/students of rental costs for each performance through out the year. This way students enjoy a variety of costumes without having to invest so much to purchase them.



The DANCE COMPANY consist of students/professional dancers who attend class regularly, have excelled in their training over time, and excel in various dance styles. Students/Parents can speak to an instructor about auditioning to be a part INFUSED’s most prestigious team, when they turn 13. The opportunity to perform at community shows, concerts, competitions, and other events will be given to Dance Co. members. Rehearsals are on Sundays for 3 hours. Extra rehearsals may be added.

Males: must excel in hip-hop and Bollywood classes

Females: must excel in Indian classical dance, contemporary, & Bollywood classes