I registered online, but did not hear back from anyone. What should I do?

Students are emailed once they register online. If you did not hear back from someone, we may not have received your registration form. f you need to speak with someone directly, please call us at (724) 638-7338. We will do everything we can to make sure you have your questions answered in a timely manner.


Are your classes offered throughout the year?

Yes! Our classes are in full session throughout the year with the exception of major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, etc.)


How many songs do you teach per session?

We aim to complete a pre-determined set of choreography within 1-2 months. Sometimes, this means that students learn one song, but we can teach more depending on the students’ abilities to pick up.  Our goal is to teach dance technique rather than number of songs, so we like to make sure students are comfortable with choreography before moving on.


What is the correct time to enroll for INFUSED dance classes?

We are always accepting students into our classes as long as there is room and we are not too far into the current dance song. Best thing to do, is call us to find out.


Who teaches the classes? What are his/her qualifications?

On our “classes” page, you can click on a location to view the calendar, which will list the instructor for your particular class. All of our instructors are highly trained, maintain the utmost level of professionalism, and have been hand selected. We keep our staff small to maintain quality.


What should I wear to class?

Please dress comfortably (sweats, tights, t-shirt, etc.). We do not allow jeans, dresses, or any movement-restrictive or excessively baggy clothing. Have girls hair tied back out of their face.


How do I know which class I belong in?

If you are not sure which class to take, call us or come by and speak to your instructor. We never hold students back and want to make sure they feel comfortable in any class they are in.  The instructor will knowwhen to move a student to a different class depending on their progress.  We always encourage students to start at the beginner level and move up from there.  We also offer a trial class for new students. This will give you a good idea on where you belong.


I’ve never taken a dance class before. Where should I start?

Not a problem! Many of are students are absolute beginners.  Our goal is to make you into a confident dancer. That’s what our classes are for! Don’t hesitate to come visit our classes so you can see how we teach.


If the timings for classes do not work for me, can you arrange another class time?

We are always adding classes depending on the instructor and studio availability. If you do not see something that fits into your schedule, call or email us and we’ll try out best to set something up.


How many students are needed to open up a new class?

We need a minimum of 5 students in a given class.


What is the maximum number of students in each class?

This maximum number of students in each class depends on the age group and level of class.  Some of our classes have a max of 10 students, while some others may have up to 16 students.


Can I observe a class before I register?

You can certainly come watch a class before you register, but we recommend actually taking trial classes. Since dance is very interactive, you will only know if you like the class if you come in and try it out!


Do you offer trial classes for new students?

Yes! Your first class as a new student is free. There is no risk for trying out a class, so come by and try it out!


Is there a registration fee to enroll for INFUSED dance classes?

No, there is not.


Do students perform in shows throughout the year?

Yes! Our grand annual showcase is held during the fall each year. All our students and Dance Co. dancers perform at the show. Our showcases have been known for their production value, and our students look forward to this each year. In addition to that, we perform at community events and festivals throughout the year. We do not require all students to perform at all the shows, but we have not had students who miss the opportunity to perform at our annual showcase.


What do students wear during performances & how do costume fees work?

INFUSED has a warehouse full of beautiful costumes and orders new costumes each year to add our collection. Instructors will decide costumes for each dance, and will inform parents/students of rental costs for each performance through out the year. This way students enjoy a variety of costumes without having to invest so much to purchase them.


What happens if a student misses a class?

If a student misses class, he/she will be responsible to learn from the practice videos sent each week. In most cases, instructors will usually catch students up in the following class as long as time is allotted. The best thing to do is talk to your instructor and see what can be done. INFUSED does not guarantee any make up classes to students who miss them.


What style of dance is taught in class?

Our classes vary in styles taught, as our goal is to make each student as versatile as possible. Since Bollywood is such a dynamic genre, students will learn folk, contemporary, classical, hip-hop, and other street styles.


What is your refund policy?

Since we offer trial classes for all new students, we do not give refunds to students who miss class or can no longer continue.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@infusedperformingarts.com.


Can parents stay and watch students during class?

It is preferred that parents do not watch class, the little ones often get distracted. As a dancer matures they often start getting self-conscious with parents watching.  We want to promote an environment that encourages freedom to take risks and build new skills. We send practice videos weekly, so you can  see what they learn every week.