At Infused Performing Arts, we are saying YES to culture and an even bigger YES to multicultural dancing. In our globalized world, there is nothing better than opening people’s eyes to the beauty of other cultures.

Why not do it in a fun way, right?

We aim to bring Bollywood right to the front doorstep of our students by meshing traditional Bollywood dancing with contemporary dance innovations.

Here are 3 ways that Infused Performing Arts is changing the Bollywood game as we speak!

1. Mixing Bollywood with Contemporary

We don’t just do Bollywood. We don’t just do contemporary. We are doing both together at the same time!

Rather than taking a one-sided angle to cultural dance, Infused Performing Arts is mixing the popular moves of modern American dance with the edgy yet flowy art of Indian movement.

While there may be studios around the country that focus on traditional ethnic dancing, Infused Performing Arts is bringing innovation to the table by blending two cultures together to create one, unique dance style. We’re not just Bollywood. We’re not just contemporary. We’re both, and we’re encouraging others all around the world to join our multicultural dance movement! Now that’s reinvention.

2. Bringing Bollywood Fitness to the Mix

While dance is our focus at Infused Performing Arts, there is something to be said about having a little bit of fun with some fitness classes too!

We realize how important it is to remain fit and healthy. What better way to do so than with some fun Bollywood dance classes?

Through the inclusion of our acclaimed Bollywood dance style, we are changing the world of Bollywood in America by diversifying into the fitness world.

With cardio classes lasting up to an hour, we are blazing the fitness trail with some tough, sweaty, and dynamic fitness classes that center around our choreography.

After all, if you’re going to burn some calories, you might as well have some fun too, right?

3. Cultural Dance, Cultural Costumes

Our focus on Bollywood infusion doesn’t just stop at the dance moves. We aim to show up and show out in traditional garments too.

The performing arts boast beautiful visual elements that display some of the brightest, most unique costume pieces you can imagine. From Indian Folk and Bollywood to Kathak and Garba, Infused Performing Arts is taking things to the next level by giving you all the cultural visual appeal you could ask for!

Innovation Meets Globalization at Infused

Who ever said innovation had to stop at the borderlines? We are proud of our cultural blend at Infused and strive to encourage others to do the same around the world.

With a growing family and Bollywood-loving community, Infused Performing Arts will keep on pushing for more dancing, more fun, and more diversity as we move forward in our arts journey!

To learn more about our mission, visit our founding story here.

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