There’s no doubt that, in the post-COVID era we’re living right now, human interaction has become more important and more valued than ever before.

After two years of isolation, America’s kids are ready to get out there, socialize, and have some fun. What better way to do so than through the magic of performing arts?

Introducing your kids to the arts can be an overwhelming, confusing, and often pricey journey, so it’s easy to lose sight of the advantages performing arts provide to young children.

As an award-winning dance company, Infused Performing Arts strives to add value, joy, and social interaction to every kid’s life through the beauty and art of dance. Here are 5 benefits of performing arts for kids that you may not have considered before today!

1. A Boost of Self-Esteem

Kids who partake in performing arts are constantly engaging with, meeting, and communicating with other children their age. This heightened level of interaction mixed with the energetic method of dance allows kids to come out of their shell, discover a newfound confidence, and slowly eliminate different forms of anxiety.

Studies show that children who participate in artistic activities display higher levels of self-esteem than children who don’t, and that is a priceless benefit for young kids just discovering their identities.

2. An Eye-Opening Cultural Experience

Let’s be honest. The arts have a way of opening the public’s eye to different perspectives, languages, and cultures that perhaps weren’t on the minds of the audience before.

Think of Jasmine from Aladdin or Mulan. These are characters now displayed in musical theatre forums all over the world that represent a colorful array of people, cultures, and opinions.

When kids are placed in these artistic scenes, their minds are broadened to see and experience people beyond the confines of what they were previously familiar with. Creating an environment in which kids can become more entrenched in different cultures never goes unrewarded, and the performing arts are a creative way of doing just that.

At Infused Performing Arts, we are molding a Bollywood-infused community where culture remains on top!

3. Self-Discovery

How are little kids supposed to discover their passions and identities if they don’t explore different activities? We at Infused Performing Arts have had the blessing of working with so many talented kids that discovered artistic talents they never recognized before.

Although daunting sometimes, throwing our kids into the performing arts can and will often allow them to explore their potential musical, dance, and theatre abilities without any limits or inhibitions.

Research proves that the performing arts- whether visual, physical, or musical- are a powerful tool in shaping the self-awareness and growth of young children. As parents, educators, and community members, we ought to recognize this power and encourage children to partake freely in their artistic interests.

4. Development of Emotional and Social Skills

Imagine performing during a dance concert, experiencing a costume malfunction, and having to think on your feet to find a solution. This is often what kids encounter in the performing arts, and it is precisely these problem-solving skills that are strengthened through the arts.

Whether it be quick thinking, emotional maturity, group collaboration, or self-discipline, the performing arts helps children develop a sense of commitment, dedication, and maturity that will serve them well throughout life. At Infused Performing Arts, we strive to be character mentors for all our students as we help them build these exact character traits.

5. Boost of Academic Achievement

You’ll be surprised what the arts can do for critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills inside the classroom. Studies show that artistic endeavors actually strengthen academic performance. For example, a student that learns to read music and play an instrument may indeed perform better mathematically than other students simply because of the cognitive work involved in music skills.

We often underestimate the correlation between the arts and the classroom when, in reality, we ought to realize that placing our children in the performing arts may actually serve them well academically.

Say Yes to the Arts

You’ve just discovered 5 essential benefits of performing arts for kids, and the question now remains of how to boost participation in the arts moving forward.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or community member, supporting performing arts and art companies will go a long way in solidifying one message: the arts matter!

Music matters. Dance matters. Theatre matters. Let’s give our kids a chance to explore, grow, and blossom by encouraging their participation in the arts and supporting their artistic journeys!

To learn more about how Infused Performing Arts is doing just that, visit our website here.


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